How To Make Sure Your
Social Media Policy Complies With New Federal Standards

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Why 99% Social Media Policies From Reputable Policy Services And Associations Fail In Court

> The policies are not written by attorneys who specialize in digital and social media law. Being an attorney doesn't qualify you to write social media policies.

> The policy doesn't comply with the new federal social media policy drafting standards. > The policy language is too overbroad and vague and missing key liability issues.

> The policy isn't enforced with expert employee social media liability training. Questions? Call 954-748-7698

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  It's Not A Sales Pitch, It's The Law
If You Bury Your Head In The Sand  On Complying With The New Federal Social Media Policy Standards, You'll Face Career-Ending Lawsuits That Destroy Your Business. 

Option 1:  Take my online course and learn from a 30 year digital media law attorney how to avoid  social media legal mistakes that destroy your business brand.

""In Mark's class, I not only learned what I didn't know, but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong." -Louis Carnell, Administrator, Hillsborough County, FL

In-House Attorneys Agree, Social Media Is A Specialized Area Of The Law. You Must Have An Experienced Digital Media Attorney Close Hidden Gaps In Your Social Media Policy.

"Great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your  public image, and big legal fees."
- Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC

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In a negligent social media policy drafting  claim, your depth of social media law knowledge is tested...

"Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz provided information that was much more detailed than anything I've received in the past, including specific cases. He shines a bright light on the need for more in-depth education to avoid liability in social media situations."
- Jan Zimmerman, Raymore , MO 

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Social Media Policy Audit Checklist

To make sure your social media complies with the new federal standards, you need to follow a policy structure and policy content checklist

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Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz reveals the 3 biggest mistakes writing a social media policy.

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Courts Reject These Excuses For
Negligent Social Media Policy Drafting

"We can't afford an expert help in updating our policy"
"We don't have time to enforce our policy with expert training."
"We haven't been sued, so we didn't need an expert to help us."
"Our attorney writes our policy, we don't need an expert."
"We relied on our trade association's policy."
"We gave verbal warnings to enforce the policy."
"We handed out a boilerplate policy, that's good enough. "
"Our insurance covers us, we don't need an expert."

"Very informative and much more in-depth level
than my previous social media policy training."
- Sue D., HR Director, Lancaster
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"Mark's social media liability course is much more detailed than my previous training. He doesn't sugarcoat anything, and he is a great instructor." - Eddie Lans, FL

4 Solid Legal Tips

Solid Legal Tip #1: Policies must be enforced with expert training.

Since social media is a "high liability" topic, policies must be enforced with expert social media liability training.  Courts reject  handing out boilerplate policies and just giving out verbal warnings.

"Very information class. I would not have known the extent of our potential liability, but for attending this class."
- Jonathan T. Lanier,  General Counsel, NC 

Solid Legal Tip #2: Don't place blind trust on boilerplate social media policies, even from reputable sources.

Most boilerplate social media policies are written by general attorneys, not social media attorneys. Many of these policies are found too vague and omit key issues.

"Mark, this was an eye-opening course that blew away any past social media training I received."  - Peter Nickischer, PIO Berks-Lehigh, PA

Solid Legal Tip #3: Insurance Doesn't Cover Intentional Acts

Most courts adjudicate social media claims as intentional or malicious acts, not accidental. Under the Intentional Exception willful conduct. Even if your claim was covered, your insurance premiums will skyrocket.  Also, many insurance companies are pushing employers to do more specialized social media law training.

"Mark, your course was like purchasing a one million dollar insurance policy." 
- Bryan Macy, Winston Salem Police Department, NC

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Solid Legal Tip #4: Your policies must address new federal laws on off-duty employees using personal devices for work-related tasks.

Courts determine liability based on work-place content, NOT who owns the device , whether the employee was off duty or on duty, or where the message was sent from. 

"Mark, excellent course. The risks are too high to use social media without this type of expert training." -Philip B. Williams, FL

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Your Social Media Policy Needs To Act As A Strong Shield That Closes Hidden Policy Gaps Created From The New Federal Speech And Privacy Laws.

Attorney Fiedelholtz took social media training to the next level. This course is a must for all organizations."  - Brian Stoolhoff, FL

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The Battle. The Other Half Is Being A Good Communicator And Connecting With Your
Course Participants. As A Former Network
Affiliate Television Anchor, I Have Those Skills...

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"I recently completed the online course from Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz and felt that it was a great value for the price. I would highly recommend this course."
Jeremiah Jones, CEO, Bosco, Legal Services Inc.

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Over 30,000 Business Professionals Were Pleasantly Surprised That They Would Receive So Much Expert Information For The Price.

"Thank you so much for this excellent online course. I got so much out of this course for such a low price. I now look on Social Media so differently. You opened my eyes. Every broker and agent should take this course to be safe from all lawsuits that may happen as a result from NOT taking the course."
Joanne Murray, Realtor
Sanderling Real Estate, FL

"Mark, I recently completed your online course. The value of the content compared to the price point is outstanding. The format of blending case law, real scenarios, and commentary, is excellent. I feel good about using this program to train my entire staff. I will recommend this course to others."
Chief David McCoy,
University of Richmond, VA

"Just a quick note to tell you this is an awesome course! You have a great platform and video resources for your students and I am enjoying learning and progressing
at my own pace."

- John Temblador, Remnant Investigation, CPI, CPIA Social Media Chairman, Private Investigators Association Of Idaho

"Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz proved today that if you don't have a social media law expert train your employees in social media legal risks, you put your employees and your organization at risk."

- Craig Dispenza,
Freehold Boro , NJ

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